Town of Berlin Wedding, 1919

Jim and Marlene Strehlow are the keepers of innumerable, invaluable historic photos of the Town of Maine in Marathon, Wisconsin.  One which caught my eye during a recent trip to Wausau was this one:

(You can click on the image to enlarge it.)

DuWayne Zamzow (of the Pommern Society in the Town of Berlin) wrote:

This photo shows the wedding of Albert Garske and Ella Baumann taken on Oct 4, 1919 at the Baumann homestead in the Town of Berlin, located at 14656 Berlin Lane, Merrill, WI 54452.

He assures me that the incredible brick home in the photo is still standing, so I really want to see it the next time I go up to Wausau.

I thought it would be a fun project to see how many people we could name in the photograph.  My plan was to create an enumerated “ghost image” (seen above), print both of them out in a large format, then put it up in the Pommerscher Verein so that the older members of the community could help with the identification.  I’m pretty sure Jim Strehlow could name half these people by himself, though.  He’s amazing when it comes to names in these photos!

I will keep updating this list as more of the 101 people are identified:

56) Bertha Strehlow Krueger
57) Karl Bertold Krueger
65) Ella Baumann
67) Albert Garske

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One response to “Town of Berlin Wedding, 1919

  • Denise Krueger

    I’m wondering if #17 might be Bertha Kluender Aschbrenner. She looks very similar here to another family photo I have. Information that I have acquired through the years tells me that Bertha and the groom, Albert Garske, both were foster children of the Ludwig and Emelia Zamzow family. They were vastly different ages as she was born in 1848 and he in 1884, so they didn’t live in the Zamzow house at the same time. But, perhaps the Zamzow family connection was strong enough to have Bertha in attendance at Albert’s wedding.

    1900 Census: Albert Garske was living as a 16 year old boarder in the household of Albert and Anna Zamzow. Albert was the son of Ludwig and Ottelie Emelile Zamzow who lived next door.

    Berlin Memories in 1976, “Ludwig and Emelia [Zamzow] moved to the present Zamzow homestead in Section 9 on February 20, 1868. Two of their eight children died of diphtheria in 1878, the six remaining boys were: Herman,Charlie, Robert, Albert, Otto, and Emil. They also raised two foster children, Albert Garske and Bertha Kluender.

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