New Strehlow Photos – Part 1

I have been very fortunate recently to get in touch with two very valuable resources for the Krueger/Strehlow side of my family.  I’ll try to be as brief as possible with the explanations before I get to the goodies.

I became aware of the work of Virgil Strehlow (b 1939) some time ago.  He seems to have been an incredibly talented genealogist who did a lot of work on the Strehlow family in a time when family research wasn’t as easy as clicking around online or sending out emails (1980’s).  Virgil was the descendant of Johann Christoph Herman Strehlow (1864 – 1941).

Unfortunately, Virgil died in 2010, but I managed to locate his brother Jim and left a message for him asking about what had become of Virgil’s work.  Jim and his wife Marlene recently got back to me, and we’re planning to meet up next month up in Wausau.  They have most of Virgil’s materials and are willing to let me scan the things I need.  It should be a goldmine, and I’m very excited about it!   To tide me over they’ve sent me a couple of fantastic Strehlow/Krueger family photos.

The first is a photo of Johann Ferdinand Strehlow (1831 – 1883) and his wife Maria Wilhelmine Schwarz (1830 – 1904) with their two surviving children (six of the eight Strehlow children died in infancy or early childhood).  Johann Christoph Herman Strehlow is on the left and his sister Bertha Albertine Wilhelmine Strehlow (1862 – 1931) is to the right in the back row.  I’m guessing this was taken about 1875, and is probably the earliest family photo I have at this point.

Ferdinand and Wilhelmine were married in Prussia 19 Nov 1856, and the Strehlow family came to the US from Wandhagen, Kreis Schlawe, Pomerania, Prussia about 1868.  Bertha Strehlow married my great-great grand-uncle Carl Bertold Krueger (1864 – 1949) on 10 Dec 1886.

Herman, Wilhelmine (Schwarz), Bertha and Ferdinand Strehlow (l to r)

The second photo is of the entire Carl Bertold Krueger family, taken about 1925.  From left to right it’s Anna Marta Auguste Krueger (1887 – 1981), Bertha Strehlow, Helena Bertha Emilie Krueger (1892 – 1963), Walther Hermann Heinrich Krueger (1893 – 1979), Carl Bertold Krueger, and Wilhelm August Hermann Krueger (1897 – 1973).  Wilhelm (William) was the father of my beloved cousin LaVila Krueger Luedtke.

Anna, Bertha (Strehlow), Helena, Walter, Carl, and William Krueger (l to r)

Two other children in this family died prior to this photo.  Twins (a boy and girl) were born in 1889.  The girl (un-named) died immediately and her brother Paul William Bertold Krueger died of pneumonia at the age of eight.

The other person I found was Heidi Dumke Timmerman, who is a descendant of Walther Krueger (seen in the photo above).  I’ll share her photos and contributions in a separate post soon!


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