Finding the Lost Morse Family Link

On a lark, I did a search for “Morse Family Genealogy” tonight and came across a website dedicated to the Morse family in New England.  So I shot them a note about my 4x great grandmother Sally Maria “Mariah” Morse.

Sally Maria “Mariah” Morse was born in Sharon, VT on 24 Mar 1805 and moved to Chateaugay, NY about 1809 with her family.  She married Samuel Pond (of the well-documented Pond family) in Burke, NY on 3 Aug 1822.  In fact, in the 1850 Census for Burke, NY Mariah’s mother Sarah Morse is living with them, so her father probably died before that.  I have tried (so far without success) to find her father’s name.

Mariah and Samuel Pond’s first daughter was Louisa “Lois” A. Pond (1823-1896) who was named after Samuel’s previous wife Louisa Adams whom he married 28 Nov 1821 in Whiting, VT.

Louisa Pond married Charles H. L. Thomas (11 May 1823 – 8 Aug 1896), a blacksmith from Chazy, NY, about 1845 in Burke, New York. They had six children, all of whom I have researched thoroughly.  The eldest son was Horace Luther Thomas (1846-1929), my 2x great grandfather.

Horace married Anna Clifford (2 Aug 1851 – 8 Jan 1929), the daughter of Irish immigrants, born in Alburg, Vermont.  They were married 8 July 1872  in Colchester, Vermont.  They had seven children, the youngest of whom was Frederick Clifford Thomas Sr. (1889 – 1976), my great-grandfather.

Frederick Sr. married Delia Bacon, the descendant of one of the first French families to settle in Quebec City in 1645.  My 8th great grandfather Gilles Bacon (1622-1654) arrived in Quebec as a Jesuit missionary in 1645.  Delia and Fred had two children, a girl and a boy, before Delia died in the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918.  The boy was Frederick Clifford Thomas Jr (1918-2006), my grandfather.

His eldest son is Frederick Clifford Thomas III, my father.

I got back a reply almost immediately:

Sally Maria’s father was David Morse, b. 1756 in Preston, CT. He married Sarah Adams in 1804. He and Sarah had 4 children, plus he had 10 children from a previous marriage. His first wife died in 1803, so Sarah was undoubtedly a very busy mom! We have all the details back to Anthony Morse (who landed in Newbury, MA in 1635).  We will send them shortly…


Oddly, the Morse family is from Dedham, Massachusetts, the same town the Fairbanks Family was from.  Apparently the webmaster for the Morse family site is, like me, also related to the Fairbanks family.   Small world back in the New England of the 17th Century!

Obituary from the Franklin Gazette (Malone, NY), Friday August 29, 1890.

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