Kahlen Church Records – Pomerania, Prussia

I received an email on the message boards at Ancestry.com about the Krueger family and Kahlen, the town we suspect they came from:

Kahlen – Parish of Zirkwitz.  The church book for 1834-1838 is online:


This is the following record:

Indeed there are many records which mention the town of Kahlen, but so far no names that I recognize as definitively being my family.  I’m just going to make note here of entries which are intriguing.  Obviously the name “Krüger” is very common, so most of those don’t perhaps mean anything.  “Hoge” on the other hand seems much less common.

Page 3, entry 3: Baptism of Hana Charlotte Henr. Kuphal in Kahlen on 11 Jan 1834.  Parents are Freid. Kuphal and Caroline Krüger.  A Joh. Gotl. Krüger is also mentioned as a witness.

Page 8, entry 42: Baptism of Ferdinand Gottleib Hoge in Küslin 6 Aug 1834.  Parents are Wilh. Gottleib Hoge and Joh. Louise Fieger.

Page 19, entry 44. Baptism of Aug. Fried. Wilh. Krüeger in Muddelmow on 8 Oct 1835.  Parents Carl Krüger and Maria Louise Genz.

Page 42, entry 8: 1836 Marriage of Christian Friedrick Genz (24 yo) from Kahlen and Maria Elizabeth Krüger (26 yo) from Zitzmar.   Relative Michael Friedrich Krüger from Baendesmuhl. 11 Nov?

Page 42, entry 10:  Marriage of Peter Hoge (31 yo) from Taeslin to Enger Brandt (21 yo) from Taeslin.  Relative Martin Brandt mentioned.  18 Nov?

Page 46, entry 18: Baptism of Johan Friedrick Wilhelm Genz to Christ. Fried. Genz and Maria Elizabeth Krüger in Zitzmar.  2nd April 1837.

Page 48, entry 37.  Maria Hoge is witness.

Page 54, entry 28.  Death of Carl Fried. Wilh. Hoge, son of Wilh. Joh? Hoge in Küslin.  7 yr 1 mo 15 day.

Page 56, entry 3.  Joh. Christ. Krüger from Morgow, 34, marrying Maria Riebe, 35, 19 Feb 1837.  Her father, Casper Riebe.

Page 57, entry 10.  Carl Heinrich Pankow from Cammin, 33, marrying Wilhelmine Charlotte Krüger, 20.  Her father, Martin Friedrich Krüger. 17 Nov 1837.

Page 58, entry 12.  Carl Christ. Fried. Wilhelm Trapp from Kahlen, 25, marrying Johanna Doroth. Fried. Krüger, 24.  Her father, Martin Friedrich Krüger.  15 Dec 1837.

Page 62, entry 38.  Baptism of Heinrich Fried. Wilhelm Trapp to Carl Christ. Friedr. Wilh. Trapp from Kahlen and Hanna Dorth. Fried. Krüger 24 Aug 1838.  Witnesses Joh.Fried. Krüger, Car Friedr. Wilh. Krüger, Wilh. Maria Ernest. Trapp.

Page 67, entry 4.  Marriage of Mart. Goddfr. Krüger from Moetzow, 25, and Wilh. Fried. Carol. Wetzel, 22.  Her father, Carl Wetzel.  23 May, 1838.


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