Parish of Groß-Justin Church

(From this site, and from information given to me by Jörg Schrick.)

The parish of “Gross Justin” (Great Justin) in Kreis Cammin, Pomerania, Prussia contained the towns of Kahlen and Stuchow, where the Krüger and Schwarz families came from (Caroline Krueger’s maiden name was Schwarz).

From 1839 , the majority of parishioners or church members in the parish of Groß-Justin converted to Old Lutheran, and in abt. 1850 they built a second church there. The half-timbered church in Great-Justin had a rich interior. After the Second World War, it fell into disrepair and was eventually demolished. There remain only ruins today. It’s very possible that the Krüger family (and Schwarz family) attended this church.

The church at Gross-Justin in its prime.

The fact that the parish was created by so-called “Old Lutherans” (more on them here), might be one reason the Krüger family emigrated to the US.  Old Lutherans were persecuted during the 19th century in Prussia, and while this persecution was largely over by the 1880’s, the Old Lutherans were still marginalized compared to those who belonged to the Union Church.


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