Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington Vermont

I received a call this morning from a woman who works for Lakeview Cemetery in Burlington, Vermont.  I had actually called her when I was trying to find out who the “Nettie M. Thomas” was in the wedding description I had posted here earlier.  I have subsequently found out who Nettie was, and plan to write a blog about her life very soon.

In the mean time, there was a small marker next to the graves of Joel Wells Thomas (1835-1916) and his wife Emma Burrows (1841 – 1910) that said “Nellie”.  I thought it was possible that “Nettie Thomas” was this Nellie.  (Just to place this family in context, Joel Wells Thomas is one of the sons of James Thomas, my 4th great grandfather.  So he’s my 3rd great uncle.  His brother Charles H.L. Thomas was my 3rd great grandfather.

The woman from Lakeview Cemetery gave me the following information:

  • Joel Wells Thomas and Emma Burrows are the “Mother” and “Father” buried in the family plot.
  • There is no main headstone there currently, only the footstones.  She didn’t know if there had ever been a headstone or not.  It’s possible it fell over and sank.
  • The “Nellie” footstone is for Nellie M. Thomas, who died 11 Jan 1874 aged 2 yrs, 9 mos, 2 days.
  • Nellie was originally buried in the South outline of Lot 11, which was owned by E.E. Wells.  Interesting given Joel’s middle name.
  • Nellie was re-buried in the Thomas family plot 13 Oct 1906.
  • In addition to Joel, Emma, and Nellie there are notes indicating a “Will” and “Ralph”, but she could find no records of burials for anyone with those names.  She said she will check the chronological records between 1862 and 1875 on the hunch that they could have been children who died very young.  That’s about the time Joel and Emma seemed to be having children.

The Thomas family plot at Lakeview Cemetery in Burlington, Vermont.


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