More Items from Tom Forrest

Tom Forrest sent me a few remarkable family history items tonight.

First, here is a photo that seems to be of my father at about one year old. I’ve sent it to him to verify it, but it sure looks like my father to me:

Likely Fred Thomas III at about a year old.

The next photo is quite mystifying to me. He said that it’s Lulu Cairns (it is) with her first husband John “Jack” Forrest. However, Lulu was only 4 years younger than John Forrest her husband, and I have a photo of him (I believe) that looks nothing like this man who seems to be much older than her. I don’t believe it’s John Forrest her father-in-law, because even in his later years he had more hair than this. Lulu looks about 30 here which means Jack Forrest would have been about 34. This man looks to be at least 50 if not 55. I’m wondering if it could it possibly be her father Samuel Cairns?

Update: Tom has confirmed that this is, indeed, Samuel Cairns! This is the first photo of him that I have seen!

Lulu Cairns and her father, Samuel Cairns (1856-1941) about 1920.

This last item is equally remarkable. It’s a telegram from Archie Forrest (b 1875) to my great-grandfather John “Jack” Forrest informing him of the death of their father (who was also named John Forrest). It was sent on June 23rd, 1920, the day John Forrest the elder died. It also mentions their brother George Forrest (b 1878) and John’s employment at the Remington Typewriter Company in Newark, New Jersey. George was working for the same company in New York at the time.

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