Other Kamraths

Just putting this on here. Something I’ve not followed-up on yet:

Other Kamraths

30 Apr 1873 Passenger list for the “Humboldt” from Settin, Germany to New York:

Friedrich Kamrath 1820
Friedrike Kamrath 1820
Wilhelm Kamrath 1857
Emilie Kamrath 1872

1880 Census 082, Berlin, Marathon, Wisconsin
Fred Kamrath 1819 Prussia At Home
Friedrike Kamrath 1819 Prussia At Home

Wilhelm Kamrath 1857 Prussia Farmer
Dorothea Kamrath 1864 Prussia Keeping House

1880 Census Berlin, Marathon, Wisconsin:

August Kamrath 1844
Sophie Kamrath 1855
Emilie Kamrath 1871 [Could be the one from the Humboldt]
Anna Kamrath 1873
Bertha Kamrath 1875
Mathilde Kamrath 1877
Mina Kamrath 1879

1895 Census Town of Maine
Fred Kamrath 1 man 1 woman, both German

1930 Wausau Census (p 25)
Dora Kamrath 1864 Immigrated 1868
Albert P. Kamrath 1885
Wilber E. Kamrath 1911
Melvin Kamrath 1912
Jason M. Kamrath 1916

Death Cert:
Fredericke Kamrath
b 02 Sep 1819
d 01 Sep 1899
Wausau, Marathon, Wisconsin
Listed as Widow, so Friedrich died after 1895 and prior to Sept 1899.

Marriage cert :
Husband: Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Kamrath
Bride: Dorothea M. F. Hinz
Groom’s Father: Friedrich Kamrath
Groom’s Mother: Frederieke Striech Kamrath
Bride’s father: Friedrich Hinz
Bride’s mother: Wilhelmine Schroeder
Marriage Date: 22 Apr 1879
Marathon, Wisconsin

Children of:

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm “Wilhelm” Kamrath (Pommern)
Dorothea Hintz/Hinze/Hinz Kamarath (Mecklenburg)
Wilhelm Otto Walter Kamrath b 15 Dec 1866 Wausau
Paul Albert Friedrich “Fritz” Kamrath b 23 Jan 1885 Wausau
Helene Emilie Louise Kamrath b 13 Nov 1888 Wausau
Louise B. D. Kamrath b 25 Apr 1892 Wausau

Children of Emilie Kamrath (Germany)and Carl Jojade (Germany)
Clara Line Bertha Jojade b 16 Oct 1890 Wausau
Johannes W. C. Jojade b 16 Dec 1893 Wausau


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