Alfred H. Krueger and Family

I heard back today from Cheryl Krueger Hein (b 1943), who is the daughter of Alfred Heinrich Krueger (1908 – 1994), Henry Krueger and Bertha Kamrath’s youngest son.  Alfred was, therefore, my great-granduncle and brother to my great-grandfather Oscar Krueger.

Cheryl was polite but said that she really didn’t know much about her family because she moved away right after high school and lost touch with just about everyone except her cousin Loris Voigt Dustin.  “Living 1500 miles from your immediate family, you do lose contact.”, she explained.

Nevertheless, she gave me a lot of good information, including information about her mother Rachel I. Fry (May 1912 – 1998), whom Alfred married about 1932 and divorced about 1957.  I did not have a name for Alfred’s wife at all, so that was quite valuable.

I’m going to see if she’s amenable to further questions and also see if she has any family photos I could convince her to share with me.  Will update as that goes forward.

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Seeking to bring my ancestors out of the shadows of history and into the light. I have always been interested in history, and at a few different times I tried to do a family tree, but wasn't able to do it with the technology that was available then. On a business trip I visited the World War I Museum in Kansas City, MO and it was a very impressive establishment. While I was there I remember thinking, "Didn't my great-grandfather father fight in World War I? And wasn't his brother killed alongside him in some famous battle? I wonder if I can find out where he died." That's what started it all. View all posts by cthomas1967

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